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Boxing gloves RBT-MF..
Boxing gloves RBT-MF..
Boxing gloves with panel construction tied on the laces. Perfect ..

45.60€ 46.90€


Näita korraga:
Boxing gloves RBT-MFE-S 10 oz
Boxing gloves with panel construction tied on the laces. Perfect fit  for very demanding fighters. ..
45.60€ 46.90€

KM-ta: 38€
Boxing gloves RPU-COLOR/GOLD
RPU-COLOR/GOLD boxing gloves available in two colors: blue and red with a matte finish on the outsi..
31.20€ 32.90€

KM-ta: 26€
Boxing gloves RPU-MATT
Matt series boxing gloves. Made of synthetic leather in black with an eye-catching shiny print. Soft..
31.20€ 32.90€

KM-ta: 26€
Foot Protectors MJE - OSPU-KM White
Foot protectors are made of synthetic leather, the insert is made of molded foam. Thanks to its cons..
24€ 24.90€

KM-ta: 20€
Foot protectors OSPU-1W WAKO APPROVED
The OSPU-1 foot protectors made of durable ecological material ensure safety for you and your oppone..
25.20€ 25.90€

KM-ta: 21€
MASTERS classic KTOP-PU tournament headguard with built-in top of head. Boxing headguard designed fo..
28.80€ 29.90€

KM-ta: 24€
Karate-GI MASTERS 8 oz - 200 cm
A lightweight, karate-GI with a traditional cut. The slits on the sides and the strings on the sides..
31.20€ 32.90€

KM-ta: 26€
Kimono do karate MASTERS - KIKM-200
A lightweight, traditional-cut karate-GI. Available in size: 200 cm MODEL: Karate-GI KIKM-200 MATER..
25.20€ 25.90€

KM-ta: 21€
MASTERS BASIC Women's cotton T-shirt
Cotton women's T-shirt from the BASIC collection. T-shirt with a fitted cut with a rounded, double-..
15.60€ 15.90€

KM-ta: 13€
Ochraniacz trenerski brzucha MASTERS - OT-B NOWE ROZMIARY
Professional abdominal training pad OT-B MASTERS. Comprehensively captures bottom punches and kicks ..
42€ 43.90€

KM-ta: 35€
Open gloves Pointfighter ROTT-KIDS
TOP TEN open gloves created especially for children over 5 years old. Ideal for semi contact and Tae..
37.20€ 38.90€

KM-ta: 31€
Shorts SK1-MFE
Kickboxing, muay thai, MMA and other martial arts shorts. Made of light, strong polyester material...
30€ 30.90€

KM-ta: 25€
Spordipüksid TAI poksi jaoks TOP TEN
Spodenki do kickboxingu - produkcja TOP TEN.Wykonane w 100 % z poliestru.Zapewniają większą swobodę ..
32.40€ 33.90€

KM-ta: 27€
Spordiriided kickpoksingu jaoks TOP TEN STAR COLLECTION biało-złoty
Strój do kickboxingu wykonany z najwyższej jakości elastycznego materiału mikrofibry. Skład: 97 % j..
63.60€ 65.90€

KM-ta: 53€
Säärekaitmsed TOP TEN NA-TT-KIDS
The shin protector from the kids series. Perfect protection for the youngest players during train..
27.60€ 28.90€

KM-ta: 23€
Universal training foam TOP TEN 4-TACTICAL (65 cm)
TOP TEN universal training foam. Inside is hard plastic covered with foam and durable fabric with ca..
33.60€ 34.90€

KM-ta: 28€
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